How Maysville Baptist Church is Overcoming Their Funding Challenges

When I think of the spiritual fruit of kindness, two church leaders that always come to mind are Senior Pastor Brian Stowe and Church Business Administrator Robert Dial, both of the Maysville (Ga) Baptist Church.
Our team was originally introduced to these two men at a Giving Rocket Tour event at Piedmont Church in Marietta, GA.  Brian pointed out that funding has always been and will continue to be a challenge so he signed up at the event.  Brian’s words make sense because the two biggest challenges pastors face are always in the areas of leadership and stewardship.
With the help of The Rocket Company, Maysville Baptist is attempting to address their funding challenges.  In the last year, the percentage of church attenders giving digitally has grown from 4% to 25%.  This means sustainable income and less concern for a summer slump.
Brian says, “The Giving Rocket material is practical, down-to-earth, the emails are straight forward and to the point.  Giving Rocket doesn’t waste words.  The material is provided in a manner that states, ‘Here are two things you need to do.’”
Robert goes on to add, “Simply put, Giving Rocket has provided our church with clear, concise steps to inspire and motivate giving.  For me, it’s new, fresh, sensible and relevant to the culture we live in today.  One challenge they meet really well is the ‘Done For You’ materials.  They’ve done the research, tested it and put the materials together. That SAVES me a ton of time. (Time that I do not have). As you know, most church staff wear multiple hats.”  
Robert continues, “I really like receiving the weekly giving talks via email.  That way, I don’t have to stop and think and go find one!  That makes that one thing so easy to do…It’s clear that Giving Rocket has a heart to help churches!”  
Thank you Pastor Brian and Robert for your kind words.  Yes, The Rocket Company does have a heart to serve churches and if your church needs to increase weekly giving, we would be honored to serve you as well.
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