How Preaching Rocket helped Joshua Watson connect better with his audience

July is story month. During the month of July we are sharing your stories.
Joshua Watson is the associate pastor of iConnect Ministries in Austin, TX. They have a vision to reach wealthy business owners. Joshua shared a little with us how Preaching Rocket has helped him move people to action.
“The turnaround in my preaching and the Preaching Rocket tools have been amazing.  Preaching Rocket has allowed me to hone in on my skills and become a better preacher.
First, was the mindset of the preaching calendar.  A preaching calendar was not a new thought but you made it a developed thought.  Second, was the building blocks of the sermon and the one-point message.  The one-point has helped me connect better with my audience.  
I always had an end-in-mind.  It was getting people to the altar at the end of the service.  Now I still have the altar in my mind, but I also have in mind the water cooler at their office on Tuesday.  My people having a conversation with their unchurched friends is also on my mind.
Preaching Rocket has stretched me and added excellence to me as a communicator.  The reception of my people is not just them hearing the message but applying it.  Preaching Rocket has moved me from being a preacher with a message to being a preacher with a message that has application.”
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