How to Create an Effective Meeting Rhythm with Your Church Staff

Great staff meetings are few and far between.  Most of them just occupy space on the calendar and take us away from stuff we’d rather be doing.

Let’s face it, you’ve sat through plenty of meetings and thought, “Why am I even here?”

And you’ve LED staff meetings that left everybody feeling less than enthusiastic.

But the worst is being clueless and thinking your meetings are awesome when the reality is something quite contrary.

Exciting, productive staff meetings might seem like a church leader’s fantasy.

Most church leaders I talk to just have meetings by default.  They know they have to have them, so they get put on the calendar and casually attended.  You pull people away from their ministries and into meetings and it’s like pulling teeth to generate real discussion.

Be honest…if you told people they didn’t have to attend the meeting…they probably wouldn’t be there.  When I was a youth pastor, I would have opted out!  And when I was a senior pastor, I know most of my team wanted to opt out.

But in the last couple of years, we’ve implemented a meeting rhythm with our team at the Rocket Company that actually has us excited and focused.  We still have meetings, but they are useful and help us accomplish our goals.