How to Make A Church Budget Sexy (It’s Possible…)

Does your church budget look like this?

Boring Church Budget
Or does it look like this?


Here is the deal… Nobody cares about the church budget except the people in charge of it.  However, people care about people.  The way to make your staff care about the budget is to make it come alive through pictures and stories.

Giving Rocket will help everyone in your church care more about your finances because it will make it come alive.  We teach churches to make their budget sexy.  A definition of the word sexy is “highly appealing”.

Take a look at how BridgeWay Community Church reported the budget to their church. They took their complicated spreadsheets and turned it into a good-looking, easy to read image anyone can understand.

Brookwood Church is a part of the Giving Rocket Coaching Program and they turned their budget into the stories of lives being changed.

Giving Rocket Core Coaching is a 12-step coaching program that will help your church increase giving.  Making your budget sexy is just one way you can help the people in your church and your staff take ownership of where they money goes.  You can test drive the program free by clicking here.