Infographic: The 3 “M’s” of Church Finance Leadership

As leaders, we crave progress. We love it when our church is moving forward, when ministry is happening, when people are being saved, and when it just feels like we’ve got momentum.

One component of church leadership is financial. If you’re a senior or lead pastor and you’re reading this, chances are you approve the budget, you make the final decision on what ministry initiatives move forward and which ones don’t, and you speak into whether or not additional staff get hired or not.

It’s a lot of pressure.

So what do you do when giving is “stuck” and progress has screeched to a halt?  To help you become a more effective leader in the realm of church finances, and help get your church budget unstuck, we created this infographic with some practical tips for getting things moving.

We cover these things in depth in both Giving Rocket, and Church Money Mastery.

But, today this infographic will provide a good summary.

Here are the 3 “M’s” Of Church Finance Leadership