It’s Thursday and I Don’t Have Anyone to Work in the Nursery on Sunday

I bet you know the feeling.

It’s Thursday afternoon and you get a text or an email from a key volunteer saying they can’t make it.  Even though the trip has been planned for a few weeks, they just remembered to tell you they can’t serve on Sunday.

“Hope you can find someone to fill in,” they say.

So you run through your mental checklist.

What about Jimmy?  He’s already working on the parking team.
What about Bob?   He’s out of town.
Can Susan fill in?  Wait, she just had a baby.

You’ve really only got two choices.  Either you ask someone to pull double (or triple) duty.   Or you ask your spouse to fill in.

There’s no sugar-coating this situation.  It stinks.  And it’s far too common.  It happens in churches all across the world – small churches, big churches and mega-churches.  Churches that have a band have this problem.  Churches who run a bus ministry have this problem.  Churches with great preachers have this problem.

So you will do what you always do.  You will make your plea and a super hero will step in to save the day.  Like most people, you will solve the short-term problem.

And while most people do solve this problem, very few address the real issue.  They put a band-aid on the problem, but never address the underlying illness.

In reality, you have a culture problem, not a people problem.  You’ve got a systems problem, and no sermon or bailout-oriented text message will fix it.

You don’t really need someone to work in the nursery this Sunday.  You need a system to consistently bring in new people.  You don’t need a last-minute volunteer, you need a leadership system so you don’t have to solve all the problems.  You don’t need to fill a position, you need to design a ministry.

This common pain was faced and a solution was found.  We built a system that ANY church can use.  It’s going to take a little work to implement, but it’s a proven and guaranteed method.

We call it Volunteer Rocket.

It’s all about gaining, training and retaining volunteers.

And it WILL work in your church.

Learn more by downloading this eBook.  Then, we’ll send you some information, case-studies and videos to watch.