Jason Day’s Million Dollar Caddie

by Ben Crawshaw

Jason Day is the number one golfer on the planet …

Day is the Australian player who has dominated the PGA tournament the last couple years and has cemented his place at the #1 spot.


At only 29 years of age, he’s doing the unfathomable on the golf course.

And guess what?


According to the Sydney Morning Herald web site, Colin Swatton, Jason Day’s caddie, has played a big role in Day’s success.

“Caddies such as Swatton, who are the unsung heroes tracking yardage and motivating their clients, are typically paid 8 to 10 per cent of their golfer’s earnings.”

Given this percentage, it’s possible that Swatton, “the man behind Jason Day,” could make up to $2.5 million this year.

What this shows is that success is often rightly credited to those in the shadows.

It means for Day that it is worth paying to have the best motivator and tracker to put him in a position to win.

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