#MarchToEaster: Planning an Easter Offering

We don’t have to tell you the significance of Easter, nor that it tends to draw a big crowd. Significance and attendance: the two reasons we value and focus on our Easter services. Those same two reasons are why we should include a focus on a special Easter offering that Sunday.

Why Focus on an Easter Offering 

The increased attendance on Easter Sunday gives us a rare opportunity to share our church’s vision. We can expand on our goals and then naturally tie in a separate offering as a direct way for attendees, whether regular or new, to be a part of a specific missions or community-based goal.

Easter is an opportunity to share your church’s mission through the lens of the cross and resurrection.

How to Plan

The first step in a specific Easter offering plan is to make sure it’s not a surprise. Bring your leadership team in at the ground level.  This way,  they are part of the decision making process and are equipped to help facilitate the promotion and follow-up of the offering.


In the weeks before Easter, include the upcoming offering from the stage and in other church communications. If your team is talking about the offering with hope and a sense of expectancy, your congregation will catch the enthusiasm, too.


Create an Easter offering envelope. This will visually remind your attendees of the uniqueness of this offering. Make them available the week prior, so people have the opportunity to prepare their offering ahead of time. This also provides an opportunity to give if they will be out of town on Easter. Include a spot for givers to put their name and address.


How to Facilitate and Follow Up

During your Easter service, continue your communication that there will be two offerings – the regular offering and the Easter offering. Pick the right time in the service to do the offering — maybe after the message and before the closing song. During the Easter offering, you’ll want to talk about the why and the what: why this offering is important and what mission it will be achieving.


After the service, you will have the means to do two important follow-ups: thank those who gave and analyze what was given. A short but personalized thank you to every giver will help establish that the Easter offering was indeed a special and set apart endeavor. It will give you a chance to touch base with visitors who gave. It will also help to shift perspective about the meaning and impact of personal giving to the church. Take some time to analyze your Easter offering. Look at how much was given, what the average gift was, and how many people participated.


Part of acknowledging the significance of Easter Sunday is acknowledging the needs, expectations, and opportunities of the Easter service. A set apart offering designated to provide funding to a missions or community need will give you, your leadership, your members, and your visitors an added purpose this Easter.



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