Why you need a child safety training system in your church.

Better Safe Than Sorry

by Ben Crawshaw

When parents drop off their kids at various places in your church, they should feel confident about their safety. This means that your church is ready for the expected and the unexpected. You have the right policies, and the right people, in place.

A Child Safety Training system helps your church implement processes that protect the next generation.

It is better to be safe then sorry. The following check lists are a must have for any church system dealing with kids.

1. Emergency Procedures.

This helps you get ready for the unexpected. Here’s what’s included…

  • Fire Evacuation Procedure
  • Weather Emergency Procedure
  • Missing Child Procedure
  • Suspicious Person Procedure
  • Power Outage Plan

2. Parent Policies.

This helps you communicate with parents in a way that ensures safety for the kids in your ministry. Here’s what’s essential …

  • Check-In & Check-Out
  • Media Release Form
  • Parent Custody Plan
  • Parent Responsibilities
  • Wellness Policy

3. Classroom Guardrails.

This helps you safeguard your classrooms. These are must-haves …

  • Allergy Plan
  • Diapers To Potty
  • Discipline Plan
  • Handicap & Special Needs
  • Keep It Clean
  • Security Stickers

4. Volunteer Preparation.

This helps you get your volunteers ready ahead of time. These are non-negotiables …

  • Child Abuse
  • Teacher Position Description
  • Ministry Team Commitment
  • Interview Guide

Navigating Child Safety in Your Church

Let’s be honest, “child safety” can be a confusing mountain to climb. Everybody has an opinion on what your church needs in this area, but no one is putting those resources in your hands. In reality, there are questions for church leaders…

  • What is important for me to know?
  • What is important for me to do?
  • What resources need to be placed in the hands of my volunteers?
  • How do I train volunteers to be ready for all situations?
  • How do I communicate to parents in a way that put their hearts at peace?

For most children’s ministry leaders, these questions linger in the back of their minds, but they seem too overwhelming to tackle.

Think about this…

When parents feel at ease about the safety of your children’s ministry, they are more likely to show up.

When they show up, your children’s ministry grows.

Parent ease = children’s ministry growth!

The Child Safety System will move your children’s ministry protection from “need-to-have” to “have-in- place.”

This system will not only give you practical tools to keep your kids safe, it will also give you parent and volunteer resources, all directed at protecting the children in your church!