Pastor’s Kids Stories

Pastor’s kids know: Always keep the house clean, in case a parishioner drops by the parsonage! Don’t get caught misbehaving, expectations are twice as high for you! Participate in everything, without volunteering for anything…somehow…and through it all, smile!

There’s a special kind of camaraderie amongst PKs (pastor’s kids). And while the above might be a little extreme, we thought we could all use a laugh at some funny moments from actual PKs over the years!

Good Behavior

Years ago, a girl went to a prom with a pastor’s son, and changed into comfy clothes later. She lost her panty hose somewhere in the process, which became a big joke: the pastor’s son’s date lost her panty hose on prom night! She even had some of the upperclassmen (as a joke) put panty hose in her locker every day for a week.

Please Pray for Bill Clinton

One pastor made a practice of praying for a different elected official every week during the pastoral prayer. The week he was praying for then President Bill Clinton prompted his daughter to ask, quite loudly, “Bill Clinton – what’s the matter with him? Is he sick or something?” And to make the story even more legendary, this happened to be at the height of his impeachment trial. Oh, out of the mouths of babes.

Drive On

One youth pastor was getting ready to leave church and put his 4 year-old-son in their large, old Ford Fairmont. Returning into the church for a quick errand, the PK took advantage of the opportunity and scrambled up front where he promptly (and miraculously!) drove the car right through the stained glass window of the church!

The Nursery Escapee

One PK decided she had enough of the nursery and made her escape, which led her down the center aisle of the sanctuary, during communion. Mom saw her from the pews, Dad saw her from the communion table, and they circled in on her. Dad scooped her up, met Mom in the middle. Pastor Dad didn’t miss a beat and the congregation, bowed in prayer, probably didn’t even notice.  

Something’s Fishy

If it isn’t already clear, some PKs have a tendency to act out now and then. One such prankster decided to rehome 36 goldfish to the baptismal tank! Always a thoughtful one, he made sure to do it the night before baptisms, of course.

Bake Much?

A young pastor’s daughter attended an in-home daycare run by a member of her dad’s church. As the provider pulled freshly baked cookies from the oven, the PK charge looked at her and sadly said, “My mom only bakes for funerals.” (Not true.)

We hope your kids are busy making memories like the ones featured here. For better or for worse, there’s something special about growing up on the inside of the church. And for all of you PKs reading this, keep the stories coming! They’re great sermon illustrations.

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