When people ask you things like, “What’s your church all about?” Or, “As a leader, what’s your goal for your church?” they’re referring to vision. They want to know where you’re leading people.

Vision is about more than the number of people who show up.

It’s the why behind what you do or don’t do.

Here’s another way to think about it…

If your church went away, what would your community be missing?


What makes your church different from other churches in your community?

It’s hard to pinpoint this.

It takes work to instill this vision into your volunteers.


Why? Because people are busy. They forget. They drift. They lean towards their own preferences.

That’s natural.

But just saying your vision or putting it on a sign isn’t going to keep it front and center for your volunteers.

Vision Volunteers

These Comments Lack Vision

Here’s a great way to reinforce, re-energize, and re-fuel your vision.


Purpose Of The Night:

  • To build relationships with your key volunteers
  • To allow your key volunteers to build relationships with each other
  • To have fun together
  • To cast vision in a personal and inspirational way

Step One: Pick A Night

  • Find a night that works for you and a high percentage of your key volunteers

Step Two: Pick A Place

  • Find a house that works for you and your key volunteers
  • We recommend a staff member’s house

Step Three: Schedule Childcare

  • Find a place that’s convenient for (but removed from) parents
  • Make sure you have enough childcare to cover a wide age range of kids

Step Four: Schedule Invitations

  • Send one to their mailbox
  • Email one to their inbox

Step Five: Get The Food

Step Six: Get Ready For Guests

3 Big Parts Of The Night (2 Hours):

  1. Hang Out (1 Hour). Have background music playing. Eat together. Keep it casual, fun, and relational.
  1. You Share (20 Minutes). Huddle the group in the living room:
    1. Talk about the past—what God has done to sustain/build your church.
    2. Talk about the present—what God is stirring in your heart and in your church today.
    3. Talk about the future—what you hope to see happen in your church moving forward.
  1. They Share (40 Minutes). Open it up to the crowd. Allow time for people to share what God has done in their lives since they became a part of your church. Then thank them and dismiss.

This is just a sample of some of the resources you’ll get with the Volunteer System. It’s an inexpensive resource that makes a HUGE difference in your volunteer culture!

Check it out right here!

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