Stop Burning Out Your Volunteers

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Literally.

People who are recruited to volunteer at their church, only to leave their posts within a year, never to return to volunteering again.

And what’s the #1 reason that kind of thing happens?

Burnout. Plain and simple.

But if burnout is the problem, what are the causes?

There are many. Here are just a few of the most commonly repeated sins in volunteer development.

Putting people in positions for which they’re not a good fit. “I know when you’re starving for volunteers, finding the right fit might seem like a luxury. But having people in the wrong positions will lead to burnout and turnover.

When your volunteers don’t feel adequately appreciated. If the people serving under you ever feel as if they’re being used … they will surely burn out. Often the best way to counter this emotion is to show gratitude. This means spending time thanking your volunteers. Getting to know them better. Understanding and being attentive to their needs and the intricate details of their lives. You care about them, not just what they can do for your ministry.

Your volunteers are stretched too thin. Are your volunteers doing so much that if they quit, you’d have an enormous hole in that particular ministry? If so, then not good. One of the best ways to keep volunteers engaged and avoid their burnout is to help them find partners they enjoy serving with. It not only helps them keep serving, it helps with adequate manpower so that the ministry can keep going even when someone needs to take a break.

What’s the answer to burnout?

Having a vibrant volunteer culture?

How does that happen?

Glad you asked.

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