The Boredom Storm Of Leading Worship

Sunday morning. 9:10 am. Holiday weekend.

It’s raining outside. You woke up with a sore throat.

Your keyboard player texted you last night and said he couldn’t make it.

You and your band are in the opening song of a four-song set. There’s a sea of faces in the crowd staring blankly at you.

Well, actually there’s only a handful of people there. And they’re actually staring at their phones.

And yawning.

If you’re a worship leader at a church—any church—you’ve probably felt this

pain. Everyone seems unengaged, distracted, and just plain tired.


So what do you do as a worship leader when you find yourself in the middle of this boredom storm? How do you engage people and usher them towards their Heavenly Father, when all they want to do is drink coffee and check their texts?

This dilemma is one of the many things we’re going to address at our AWAKEN

THE WEEKEND event this Wednesday, August 26, at 1:00 Eastern. Some of our

guests that will be addressing this topic:

 David Crowder

 Phil Wickham

 Montell Jordan

 Kari Jobe

 Andy Stanley

 Todd Fields

REGISTER HERE to reserve your spot! We can’t wait to see you there!