The Lonely Preacher

Preachers are often lonely.

In fact, as we’ve talked with hundreds of pastors, we’ve found a common denominator that isn’t being talked about in too many circles.

1. Most preachers prepare alone.

How do you prepare to preach? Do you take 1 day? Do you scramble on Saturdays? Do you study every day? There are many ways to prepare, but the bottom line is that most people prepare alone.

Preparing to preach is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why we put together a community of communicators interested in improving their preparation process and delivering better messages.

2. Most preachers get little feedback.

You preach your guts out and walk off the stage and wonder, “Did God use that to speak to anyone?” Then you drive home and your spouse may give you a, “that was great”, but you still wonder.

If you don’t have a system to evaluate and improve, you might end up listening to the wrong people. Instead of getting better, you end up bitter, insulating yourself from critical feedback and shutting yourself off from people who mean well.

3. Most preachers have no method for improving their skill.

The sermon is the most visible part of the weekend service, and it’s the #1 thing that attracts new people to your church and keeps people engaged. Teaching the Bible is important, but we’ve found that after seminary, very few pastors have any form of continuing education.

Other than a few books and a message at a conference now and then, you’re on your own for how to get better. Of course, when you try and improve alone, you rarely do.

Preaching Rocket is changing that.  It’s an affordable, members-only community of preachers who want to develop their skill and calling.  If you are looking to just download sermons off the internet, Preaching Rocket is NOT for you. It is only for preachers that care about getting better at the craft of preaching.