The Zombie “Herds” Church Leaders Should Trust: Lebron, VBS Avengers and Thankful Pastors

There’s something to be said about the “herd mentality”. You might know it as the mob mentality.

As long as the herd is trustworthy, I’m cool with it. After all, if they are trustworthy then they are likely picking the right product, service or direction…right?

Let me illustrate with some examples.

Herds You Can’t Trust – Example #1 – Cleveland Cavalier fans cannot be trusted.

lebron jerseyThey will turn on you the moment you go to South Beach for a few years of vacay.  Do not go out and buy that Lebron jersey you have your eye on either, he’s headed to Clippers…I guarantee you.

Herds You Can Trust – Example #1 – Yankees fans can be trusted.

Their choice in a franchise is ironclad. More World Series trophies than oreo cookies in my pantry.  Babe Ruth, Joe D, Reggie Jackson. Need I say more?

Go buy a Derek Jeter jersey immediately…


Herds You Can’t Trust – Example #2 – Zombies cannot be trusted.

Have you seen World Way Z?! Must I explain this?zombie-herd-mentality2

I’m not going to go down the trail of The Walking Dead with you at this point. Too many people reading this post will be emotionally vexed.

Herds You Can Trust – Example #2 – The Marvel Comic movie family can be trusted

Screenshot 2015-06-10 16.22.19Three of the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time are in the Marvel Family.

Facts are facts. Heck, half of us are preaching sermons around a comic book theme or have done so in the last 12 months…

Then, there are church leaders.

Which “divergent” faction shall we place our trust in? Which herd within the herd should we mimic or learn from when it comes to growing our ministries?

Which herd within the herd should we mimic or learn from when it comes to growing our ministries?

Ok, ok, ok…we all know the VBS volunteers are right up there in the top 3, but…

…instead of listing all possibilities right here, let us offer up one clear choice.

Let’s submit to the peer pressure of the Thankful Church Leader Herd.

Herds You Can Trust Example #3 – Church Leaders Who Are Thankful



Here’s what we know. Love creates more love. Actionable love. Thankfulness produces love, loyalty and kindness.  Give me a leader who is strong and I’ll take a zip code.

Give me a pastor who is thankful and I’ll move zip code boundaries and increase the Kingdom.

At The Rocket Company, we get to do something special. We get to leverage what works for the herd and make their efforts more effective.  After working with thousands of church leaders we discovered something.

The expressively thankful church leaders have an incredible increase in their consistent giving.  This produces more money for ministry, new buildings, mission trips, counseling, benevolence, new staff….the list goes on.

We introduced a done-for-you gratitude tool called What Happens When You Give(50% off when you use the code “GRATITUDE”).

Since that introduction, something amazing has happened.

Over 127,419 first time givers in local churches have received a personal What Happens When You Give thank you booklet from their church leader.

That’s crazy stuff. Crazy enough to pause and think, “Wait a second, when we show love and thoughtfulness…people are moved to more action?”

And we keep getting responses like this from our customers:

“”I have more fun writing thank you notes than almost any other thing I do each week! Monday has been turned into celebration day and thank-you day around our office.” – John Hampton”

“Here at Cumberland Church, over a year ago, we started sending the first time giver thank you cards. It has had a direct correlation on church income increasing. Of course the increased giving is giving us the ability to do more ministry. Several donors have even caught me to say it was the nicest card they had ever received. Thank you for reminding us to always show appreciation for those who are generously supporting our mission.” – Brian Smith”

So, if over 1,000 church leaders have leveraged(and continue to re-order) What Happens When You Give, then that tells me that we’ve got a great herd mentality to tap into here.

If you’re still reading this post, you need to go to this page now(50% off when you use the code “GRATITUDE”). and get a case(or 5) and start thanking your first-time givers…we promise they’ll keep giving consistently and generously.

Maybe you already thank them, What Happens When You Give just makes it better.

Discover more and get your 50% per case discount here. Be sure to use “GRATITUDE” to get your discount.

And leave Lebron Jersey Wearing Zombies alone. They cannot be trusted.