Three Ways You’ll Burn Out Doing Ministry

Ministry is tiring and it can be downright overwhelming.  If you’re not careful, you’ll burn out. Here are three things that will cause you to burn out doing ministry.

1.  No plan.  Running around with your pants on fire is not a good way to do ministry.  You can blame it on your personality or sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, but if you just respond to the urgent, you’ll never lead in the important.  Creating a solid ministry plan can help you control your schedule and priorities.  It doesn’t restrict you; it gives you greater freedom.

2.  No people.   The genius with a thousand helpers model isn’t the way God designed the church, and stands in stark contrast to a theology of the body of Christ and the priesthood of the believers. You are not a superhero and you cannot do it all.   You need people who are bought into the vision and engaged in the process.

3.  No passion.  When ministry becomes a job or simply a means to a paycheck, the end is near.