Top Tweets from Preach Better Sermons

Here are the top tweets from the Preach Better Sermons event yesterday. If you missed it you have one more chance to watch on Thursday, May 16 from 4-8 PM EDT. You will hear from Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Steven Furtick, Dr. Crawford Loritts, Mark Driscoll and Jon Acuff.

  • The Bible is always and already relevant, but preaching helps people realize it’s relevant to their lives – @EdStetzer
  • Would your sermon work if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead? – @DarrinPatrick
  • A good preacher is a good prayer. @MarkBatterson
  • God won’t be handcuffed by our failures or unleashed by our successes. – @JonAcuff
  • Bring the same energy to your text as you do to your stories. – @AndyStanley
  • Humor disarms negative emotions, if they are not laughing every seven minutes you are losing them. – @DaveRamsey
  • Tell the people what’s blowing up in your heart, and if nothing is blowing up in your heart, tell the people. – @ louiegiglio
  • Most movies that win best picture also win for best editing. – @NancyDuarte
  • A good start early in the week helps me be more present in meetings and with my family later in the week. – @pwilson
  • My life should be the autobiography of Christ during my moment in history. – @CrawfordLoritts
  • Don’t listen to one preacher so much you become a parrot. – @PastorMark
  • When we are writing to manipulate an audience we aren’t partnering with what God is doing. – @DonaldMiller
  • Shift your attention from being impressive to being a blessing. – @StevenFurtick

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