Two Fantastic Tools To Amplify Your Church Social Media Strategy

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If you’re like me, sometimes you just want things DONE.

Social media, online presence and outreach are sometimes the very things that should be “automatic”, but for some reason get stuck in the mud.

The above video allows you to overcome that and keep your engagement levels hopping with tons of frequency…

…all while saving time.

Also, go to to get the most robust church marketing system on the market.

You get:

1. Get over three full hours, in video format, of top Facebook coaching from Josh Rhodes, Vice President of Sales & Marketing – The Rocket Company.

2. We give you the technical “know how” to navigate the Facebook Power Editor(accessible to everyone) tool. 

3. We show you the #1 way in the world to leverage the data from the biggest data companies to reach anyone on Facebook you wish. 

4. We demonstrate which types of ads to run inside of Facebook’s matrix and what works for different campaigns you want to run. 

5. Learn how to write copy for ads that attract new people to your church. Literally, reach out and directly impact them. 

6. Get actionable tools that build the data in your contact management system into highly functional information you can grow your church with. 

7. Pick up internet ninja hacks that you can use to find out where future attendees and givers are hiding so that you can reach them with ease. 

8. Determine how to use Facebook Advertising so that you don’t break your budget and still keep the channels open and full of families and individuals you were called to reach. 

9. Get real life coaching and access to Q&A sessions from with other church leaders. 

10. You get to see how we use Facebook Power Editor every day and apply it to what you do every day. 

11. Take home the experience of an “over the shoulder” ad copy writing experience with another church leader. See how we write their ad copy, develop the creative and dial in the targeting via Facebook Power Editor.  This is a white glove Facebook coaching experience for one church leader and you get to benefit from the experience by tagging along. 

12. Receive a Facebook Targeting Cheat Sheet that puts all of Facebook’s demographical targeting data within an arms reach. 

13. Get a separate Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet that walks you through the exact process of placing a highly targeted piece of marketing in front of the community around you, fast. 

14. Receive ALL of the full slide decks from each of the two included video trainings. These include the principles in each session along with illustrations to drive home the teachings.  Print them, share them, refer back to them as you reach more and more people for your church.

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