Two Trips to the ER in 48 Hours

A year ago, I rushed my daughter & son to the Emergency Room less than 48 hours apart. 

To make a long story made short, my daughter has a condition similar to juvenile arthritis but at first, we had no idea.  Her pain was unbearable and I heard phrases like, “Mr. Graham, we are testing for leukemia & bone infections.”  We were awake for 40+ hours.

My daughter is better.  She will have some flare ups but they say it is manageable once we know what is going on. I’m so thankful for medical advances! 

30 something hours after my daughter got home, our 4-month-old son had an allergic reaction that sent us by ambulance to the hospital.  They have no idea what made this happen.  After some medicine and a few hours, they sent us home. 

I learned many life lessons from this crazy experience but I want to share just one with you that might help in this new year.

The ER wears everyone out.

My kids were worn out, my family was worn out, my friends were worn out, my twitter friends were worn out and me & Kacie (my wife) were really worn out.

I felt like God helped me see how most churches live.  Most churches live in the ER of church finances & it is wearing everyone out.  It is okay to visit the ER but not live there.

I promise, if your church is tight financially it is wearing you out, your spouse out, your staff out, and your congregation out.  There is REAL weight with financial stress. 

How To Get Out Of The Church Financial ER

I want to challenge you to quit sitting around and wishing things get better and get help.  I honestly don’t care if you get help with us or someone else, just do it! Make an investment into your church’s financial health today.  

The help you need is a SYSTEM, NOT A SILVER BULLET.  Your church didn’t get into financial trouble overnight, and you’re not going to get healthy in a week.  But if you commit to a system and a strategy, I believe you can see results in 2013.   Over 850 churches are in the Giving Rocket Coaching Program and they’re telling us about their results.

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Don’t live in the ER, I promise it isn’t worth it. 

Here’s what members get EACH MONTH as a part of their Giving Rocket Coaching program.  Everything on this list is included.

There are 12 modules that come with:

  • A coaching video & listening guide
  • An eBook to share with your team
  • Done-for-you content, documents, forms, spreadsheets and graphics
  • Samples from other churches you can preview

JANUARY: How to Have a Financial Strategy

In this first module you will learn:

  • How to build a financial funding plan for the next twelve months
  • How to create clear financial vision for your staff, elders, deacons or financial team
  • How to write out the top three financial objectives for your church & have everyone focused on them

FEBRUARY: Creating a Plan to Get Money

  • You will create an annual funding plan in this module.
  • The Annual Funding Plan: a step-by-step action item list to help you accomplish your financial goals for the year

MARCH: How to Get People to Give

  • You will learn the five reasons people give to a church
  • Discover how to communicate to each type of giver from the stage on the weekend & in written communications

APRIL: The #1 Way to Get More Money for Ministry

  • We have surveyed over 1,000 churches & found out the #1 way to get more people to give to your church.
  • This module alone will pay for your investment in Giving Rocket for years to come.

MAY: Giving Made Easy

  • People give when they have many options to give.
  • We will teach you how to be “giver friendly” by providing simple tools that will attract new types of donors.

JUNE: How to Create Happy Givers

  • This module will give you the best follow up practices for givers to make them happy to give again to your church.
  • We will provide all the templates & written donor communications that you can just copy, paste & send to donors

JULY: How to Attract High Impact Givers

  • We have found that just about every church has a few people that can be high impact givers this next year if you do what we teach you in this module.
  • Learn how to disciple how impact givers without manipulating them to give, it’s a fine line!

AUGUST: Three Sundays That Will Revolutionize Your Bank Account

  • There are three times a year that you can take up a special offering & make it highly impactful for the giver & the church.
  • We will give you a communication packet for each one of these Sundays & the coaching to pull them off.

SEPTEMBER: Help Your Congregation Win Financially

  • This module will give you a personal financial training system for the people in your church.
  • We will teach you how to help people with their spending, debt, savings & giving.

OCTOBER: How to Preach on Money (And Do It Well)

  • This module will teach you the delicate art of preaching on money & preaching well.
  • We will give you well thought out sermon series & messages that will make it easy for you to preach effective.

NOVEMBER: Building the Best Board or Finance Team in Town

  • This module will teach you how to pick the right finance team members and fire the wrong ones
  • You will learn who to recruit to these teams & we promise it isn’t just bankers & accountants

DECEMBER: Church Budgeting Made Simple

  • We will teach you a fool proof way to create margin in your next budget
  • We will help you eliminate complication & know exactly how to budget in a way that your staff will love.

You’ll also receive a free, 3 hour online video where you will learn:

  • How Mountain Lake Church disciples high capacity givers in a healthy way
  • How North Point Community Church raised one million dollars in a day last Christmas
  • How Carey Nieuwhof led a financial culture change and increased giving by 21% in twelve months
  • How Granger survived a 21% unemployment rate and what they learned about tough times
  • How NewSpring Church has taken over 10,000 people through personal financial education and sees increases in giving every year
  • How Revolution Church receives 68% of their giving in digital form
  • How Vanable Moody teaches low-income people to be high impact givers
  • How Cross Point Church effectively engages and leads their finance team and board
  • How New Life Fellowship preaches about money in one of the most diverse zip codes in America
  • How a non-financial pastor stays engaged in the numbers

Interviews include Joel Thomas, Shawn Lovejoy, Jenni Catron, Carey Nieuwhof, Tim Stevens, Joe Sangl, Vanable Moody, Zak White, Rich Villodas, and Scott Hodge.

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