When You are Foggy about the Financial Side of Ministry

July is story month. During the month of July we are sharing your stories.

Pastors and church leaders, are there things about ministry you feel intuitively need to happen but are cloudy in your mind about how to get them done?  If so, you are not alone.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 7.05.21 AMClayton Bell is the Lead Pastor of Trinity New Life Church located just north of Tampa, FL.  When you speak with Clayton you know you are speaking with a leader.  He is always advancing, always moving forward, always getting better, and is a continual learner.

Clayton is also very passionate about having effective systems in place.  As he said, “Our primary strengths as a ministry are our systems and strategy.  You don’t think of your circulatory system or your respiratory system but they provide life and health.  Systems provide life and health for our church.  This is why we have been Giving Rocket customers for almost two years.”  

Clayton leads his church by what is called The 2% Principle.  As Clayton and other Tampa Bay Rays baseball fans know, their entire payroll is 2% of the New York Yankees.  Yet, they have consistently been a better team in recent years.  The reason for this is not more talent.  It is better systems.

Clayton believes that by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, by being just 2% better in every area of ministry, they will be a better church.

There are many great theologians who are poor leaders as Clayton discussed.  He was an English major with no financial background or discipline in finances.  He had the desire to get those in his church to give but did not have the knowledge.  

This is where Giving Rocket came in.  The Giving Rocket core coaching program immediately added value in the
Giving Talks.  “I got many compliments on the Giving Talks.  It was continually communicated how well and efficient that portion of the service was done.”  

He went on to add, “Automate The Important helped us with a campaign to move people to digital giving.  The desire to get people to give I had, what I needed was a system on how to do it.”

Clayton concluded our time together by saying, “Giving Rocket knew what questions to ask and how to then move forward.  They made clear the cloudy things in my brain.  Giving Rocket provided clarity and gave clear on-ramps of what is in my mind
and how to connect that to the congregation and giving.”

Pastors and church leaders, if you want to be a better leader, if you want a fully funded ministry, if you have desire and just need help seeing that desire become reality, then click here to sign up for a free 7-day test drive of Giving Rocket.  It is a system that changed Clayton’s ministry.  It will change yours as well.

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