Why Stories Work Better than Bullet Points

Before there were books, movies and YouTube videos, there were stories.  Passed down from generation to generation, stories told us where we came from and who we are.

If you want your congregation to remember the concepts you’re preaching, tell a story.  If you want your congregation to apply the Biblical principles you’re teaching, tell a story.  If you want your congregation to be impacted with the message, tell a story.

When Jesus wanted to talk about the value of lost things, he didn’t pass out scrolls and go over the fill in the blank instructions.  He told a story of a rebellious son and an extravagant father.

When the story was over, Jesus didn’t even offer further explanation. The story WAS the message.  The story was the vehicle for truth.

Nobody dreams in bullet points.  And very few people remember bullet points.  It’s the reason Steve Jobs NEVER used a bullet point in any of his amazing product launch talks.

If you want to communicate – if you want to really connect – tell a story.

The pastor should be the chief storyteller.