Why We Love the Local Church

Michael Pic for 02-04-2014 post
Hey, it’s Michael. 
That’s me in the white shirt and tie. In 1991, I walked down the aisle at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida to surrender to full time Christian ministry. I didn’t really understand those terms, or the ramifications of that decision. But I remember a strong pull to abandon my desire to be a lawyer and work in a local church.
The next thing I remember was the pastor mispronouncing my name as he shared my decision with about 3,000 people. (It’s Loo-kah-zoo-ski, by the way.) 
Ever since then, I’ve never been able to escape the pull of the local church.  Looking back on my life, it’s FULL of local church influence. In today’s post, I wanted to share just a few reasons we love the local church and give our time, energy and passion to helping local churches here at the Rocket Company.
1. A local church helped set the trajectory of my life. When I was 15, I decided to follow Jesus with my life at a local church. My best friends were members of that same church, and we all stood in each other’s weddings. I met my wife because of that church.
2. Most pastors are selfless servants who want to make a difference. In my line of work, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with hundreds, probably even thousands, of pastors. And most of them are amazing, humble, selfless leaders who love Jesus and love their communities. Pastors are heroes.
3. Churchecome in all shapes and sizes. There are rural churches and urban churches. There are progressive churches and traditional churches. There are small churches and mega churches.  All of them are important and all of them matter.  I know there is still work to do, but local congregations all over the world reflect heaven and their community at the same time. That is amazing.
4. The church is the closest representation of Jesus we have on earth. Jesus is invisible, and I’ve never been to heaven. But the church is the body of Christ, and I can see that. When local churches love and serve their community, worship wholeheartedly, and give generously, it’s a very real picture of Jesus.
5. Every church member is family. What unites us is far greater than what divides us. Everyone who is a part of a little-c local church is a part of the big-C Universal Church. That makes them family. They might be more like the crazy great Uncle, but it’s family nevertheless.
6. Jesus said He would build His church. Jesus told Peter He would build His CHURCH.  Not a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Or a publishing company. Or the Boy Scouts. He said He would build His Church. Lots of things matter, but there was a guy who was dead and came back to life. I’m going to hitch up to his construction crew and help build what He’s building.
There’s a lot you COULD do –  but you’ve chosen to serve the local church.  That’s honorable, impressive and amazing!
We love serving pastors, and we are honored to serve you.