21 Leadership Quotes And Leadership From Catalyst 2013: Andy Stanley

In our effort to help churches succeed, The Rocket Company will be live

blogging from this week’s Catalyst Conference.  Catalyst traditionally opens up with

Andy Stanley and he delivered as always.  The following are 34 Leadership Quotes And

Lessons from his amazing session.

  1. You have in you an appetite to be known.  You will never enough mentions.  You will never have enough friends.
  2. Known is an appetite.  If you feed it it will grow.
  3. How known is known enough?
  4. It starts with “Daddy watch this.”
  5. There’s a little Lady Gaga in all of this.  We live for the applause.
  6. There is no amount of applause that will fully and finally satisfy you.
  7. What’s applauded is exceptional the first time will be expected the next time.  Exceptional becomes Expectional.
  8. Your desire to be known will drive you to do things you never would have done until you became known.
  9. Applause is intoxicating.  Intoxicated people don’t make very good decisions.
  10. Those most applauded for feel the most entitled to.
  11. I’m just not sure about senior pastors having reserved spots until their about 65.
  12. The worst part about a reserved spot is it is a public entitlement.
  13. Applause is addictive.
  14. To lead you must be known…As a leader you’ve been called to be known.  God wants you to use your gift.  He wants you to get published.  The question is “How do we keep it from ruining us?”
  15. John the Baptist understood knowness because he was known to make Him known.
  16. Surviving known is remembering Who it’s from and Who it’s for.
  17. I have never once seen my dad get caught up with arrogance.
  18. “I know God can cut it (popularity) off in a minute.” – Charles Stanley
  19. Your appetite for known will never be satisfied by a number but a Name, a Who rather than a How Many.
  20. A man can only receive what is given him from Heaven.  I want the approval that only comes from Heaven.
  21. “I allowed you to be known and you never forgot it.” – God

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