3 Reasons I’m Fired Up About INFUSIONCON 2012 (A Post For Business Owners)

Here is the bottom line: There is company called Infusionsoft out of Phoenix, AZ & they changed my life 18 months ago.  

Infusionsoft hosts an annual event called Infusioncon & it is the best event our team will attend this year.  Here are three reasons why we are FIRED UP about Infusioncon 2012.

1. Infusionsoft is a CAUSE more than a COMPANY

This event in April will be more about revolutionizing the way small businesses operate, than trying to impress us with their company knowledge.  They lead with the cause in everything they do.  This FIRES ME UP because when we started using Infusionsoft 18 months ago we thought we were working with a software company and then realized we were working with a cause that revolutionized the way we operate our organization each day.

2. Infusionsoft is about SERVICE more than SALES

I just returned from the home offices of Infusionsoft & what was so amazing was how well they served us.  I COULD NOT believe the gifts they gave our team and the amount of helpful tools we received.  This company is about serving people more than sales & it comes through.  That is what Infusioncon will be like as well.  I’m fired up about not going to a pitch fest & actually learning a ton of helpful stuff!

3. Infusionsoft is about PEOPLE more than PROFITS

When I spoke with Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft, he spoke about revolutionizing small businesses more than how much money they were making as a company.  Infusioncon is such a great event because their team will actually be there & they stop in the hallways to speak to people.  It’s extremely nice to be around a company that cares more about customer stories than how much money they make.  The people on the Infusionsoft team make the company great!

I’m SO FIRED UP about this event that I (as a customer) am willing to offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any small business leader that attends this event and thinks it is not worth it.  You know that an organization is GREAT when a customer is willing to risk their own money on their behalf.  

I do not get a dime for posting this or if you come to the event.  I just believe in this so much, I wanted you to know!

GET FIRED UP & let me know if you are coming!

P.S. Here is a little rap we put together about Infusionsoft. This shows how fired up we are! 🙂

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