4 Ways to Build Happy Givers

Do you think it’s important for people in your church to be happy givers?

Let’s face it–it’s one thing for your church to receive money from people who are begrudgingly, or even apathetically giving, but wouldn’t it be amazing for people in your church to joyfully give out of what they’ve been given?

How would that change the tone of your church from week to week?

How would it change the way that people give?

How would it change the amount that people give?

Or more importantly, how would it change the hearts of the givers in your church?

When people’s hearts are changed is when you will begin to see homes, communities, cities, states, and the world transformed for the work of Jesus.

It’s important enough to put some time, effort, and teaching into making this a reality in your church. But how do we get there?

4 Ways to Build Happy Givers

  1. Don’t make “giving” a taboo topic in your church. When giving becomes a taboo topic in your church then it becomes less and less a part of the lives of the people in your church. To avoid this, talk about giving, and don’t be shy. Giving is part of what it means to follow Christ. As such, just like any other Christian discipline, giving should be taught on and talked about often. In fact, if your church passes the offering basket during Sunday services, you should take at least 20 seconds each week to explain giving, and why it’s an important part of following Jesus.
  2. Create a culture of generosity.  When you are teaching and talking about giving often, that means you must back-up your talk with action. Create a culture of generosity in your church by serving and giving to others in need in your community. If people in your church have a good example to look to when it comes to giving, then they’ll be more likely to have joyful and generous hearts.
  3. Say thank you. What is rewarded is repeated. Be sure your givers know how much their gifts are appreciated. There are many creative ways to say thank you and even done-for-you systems.
  4. Point people back to God. The ultimate example of generosity is God, and the way that He sacrificed His Son so that His children could be saved. When this example of generosity is always in front of people, and they’re following His example, that is when hearts are truly transformed into happy givers.

As followers of Jesus, we shouldn’t give to make ourselves feel better, and we shouldn’t give to get something in return. We are to follow the example of the one who gave everything for us. We are to give because we’ve been given an abundance of life eternal. Everything we have is a gift from the ultimate giver, and we are to give in response to His generosity to us.

On a tangible level, tools and resources can help you put the discipline of giving, and talking about giving, into practice in your church. And that’s why Giving Rocket exists. Dive in today and start seeing a giving transformation in your church.