10 Creative Ways to Say “Thank You” to Donors

When it comes to thanking donors for their donations, good intentions are the pathway to failure.

No one feels thanked because you had intentions to say “thank you.”

They feel thanked because you actually thanked them.

Many people skip this because it feels so overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to feel that way. You don’t have to throw a huge banquet or party. You just have to take a step.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. I’m not trying to “wow” anyone with this list. I’m trying to show you how simple and practical thanking people can be.

Before we start the list, I want to reiterate: the smallest action of gratitude is better than the greatest intention.

Action > Intention

With that being said, let’s get fired up and put this in action!

  1. The Handwritten Thanks. This is one of the most powerful things you can do. Write a note to everyone who supported you. Don’t start whining like you’re in freshman English class. It doesn’t have to be a novel; a couple of sentences will do. And don’t use bad handwriting as an excuse, either. Remember, these are people who funded your dream! Postage, paper, and a little time are a small price to pay. One last thought—don’t use labels. Handwrite their name and address on the front of the envelope.
  2. The Candy Thanks. Send people their favorite candy. Simple enough. Text their spouse or best friend—or look on social media—to find out what they love. Then mail them the biggest bag you can possibly find. To take this over the top, get on Pinterest (a great place to take anything over the top) and find cheesy sayings that connect the candy to your thanks. Or, like we’ve already mentioned, include a handwritten note.
  3. The Steak Thanks. This one is easy. Send some Omaha Steaks in the mail. It’s perfect for guys who love to cook on the grill. It’s also great for families. The wow factor comes from the way Omaha Steaks are delivered. They show up in dry ice on the front porch, and it looks like a bigger deal than it really is. The added benefit comes when recipients post about your gift on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  4. The Date Thanks. Send a complete date night package to a couple. This can include a gift card to a restaurant, a movie gift card, and cash for a babysitter. Provide the stuff that takes the guesswork out of an evening together. Obviously, you can’t do this for everyone. But when you can, it makes couples feel valued and appreciated.
  5. The Personal Thanks. A face-to-face, eye-to-eye “thank you” is meaningful and effective.
  6. The Text Bomb Thanks. Choose someone who gave to your campaign—let’s say, Bob. Coordinate with Bob’s friends to send him a ton of texts within a short period of time. Make sure you tell Bob’s friends that the purpose of these texts are to tell Bob how generous and awesome he is. The more friends who participate, the bigger the impact.
  7. The Public Thanks. Get on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and post someone’s picture. You could say something like, “This guy/girl made a huge difference in getting clean water to a village in Kenya.” Whether people gave a little or a lot, it’s great to publicly affirm them.
  8. The Story Thanks. Find a person who benefited from the money that was contributed and tell their story. For instance, if you raised money so needy kids could receive medical attention, find a story of a child whose condition improved through treatment. Then, write the story as if it’s coming from that kid. In some cases, the person who was helped can write the story themselves. That’s great. Then, share it with everyone who supported the vision. Remind them that they made it happen. Celebrate the win, not the money.
  9. Pick up the phone and dial someone’s number. I encourage you to do it immediately after they give. Even if they don’t answer, leave a voicemail with a heartfelt “thank you.”
  10. The Party Thanks. If you decide to throw a party, make it fun. Don’t make it stuffy and boring! It’s fine to get up and talk. But keep it short and to the point. Say “thank you” and share a story or a win. Don’t draw it out and show a million photos. Sometimes the best way to say “thank you” is by allowing people to have a good time.

These options range from free to expensive. And the time commitments range from a minute to a month. Like I said earlier, you may come up with a better idea. If you do, that’s awesome. Please go for it. What I don’t want you to do, however, is make excuses. Or have good intentions with no follow-through.

People in your church take action when they tithe.

You should take action by saying thank you.

And remember, action > intention.

Rocket Donations will help you say thank you to your donors.

In fact, we’ll say thank you for you!

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