4 Easy Ways To Increase Donations In Your Church

You ever feel a knot in your stomach when you invite your church to give during the offering time?

Heeeeeere we go again…

That feeling is fear mixed with a splash of insecurity.

Every pastor can relate.

There are A LOT of people who don’t like how much pastors ask for money. Some of that criticism is well-deserved. Most of it isn’t. But it’s enough to make us sweat a little bit before we ask people to give, isn’t it?

As real as that fear is, however, I believe that most people want to give to your church. And I believe God calls them to do so.

It’s not about “asking people for money.” It’s about inviting people to be a part of something that’s great for them.

If you agree with my last statement, I believe you should make every effort to make it as easy as possible for your congregation to give.

But how? Let’s talk about four ways to increase giving without feeling like a salesman.

1. Make It Digital

In a society that no longer carries cash, it’s a new era for how we make financial transactions.

It’s time to reevaluate how we receive donations.

Adding electronic payment to your church service doesn’t require that you buy credit card kiosks and put them in your church. These days, almost everyone has a smart phone! People can literally pull out their phones and give from their seats.

When you look for software, make sure it’s mobile friendly.


Point blank: the simpler and easier the process, the more likely people are to give.

2. Make It Recurring

Isn’t it nice when your bills are paid by being automatically drafted from your account?

Let me rephrase that. “Nice” is the wrong word. It’s never nice to pay bills. What would be nice is if the bills didn’t have to be paid!

What I mean is, it’s nice to no longer have to sit down, write checks, lick envelopes, remember deadlines, find stamps, and all the inconvenience that comes with manual bill paying.

Some benefits of automating your bill paying…

➢ You know the bill is consistently being paid (if you forget, it remembers)
➢ You know it’s being paid before the deadline
➢ You save personal time

It’s an increase in confidence and convenience.

I wonder how many opportunities we’ve missed for people to give…

…simply because they forgot their checkbooks.

Here are the implications for you.

When it comes to digital giving in your church, don’t just look for a software that provides digital giving. Look for a software that emphasizes recurring donations. It should be clear. It should be present. It should be the default.



If you want to take it to the next level, look for a software that allows members to schedule those contributions using their debit card without having to leave your website.

3. Make It Someone’s Job

Finance teams do a great job counting money that comes in. But whose job is it to raise money for your church’s budget?

In many churches, there is no one who sees it as their responsibility. Friends, that has to change.

Of course, all churches have someone who pays the electric bill, handles payroll, and ensures that the budget is managed with integrity. But who wakes up thinking about stewardship? Who’s in charge of helping people follow Jesus with their finances?

Having a person to set the goals, own the goals, and lead the team in increasing budget is vital. Ownership and clarity will make your church more successful, and not just in the area of finances. We talk a lot about this in our eBook that comes with the Rocket Donations Spark Coaching Program.

The result? Breakthrough!

Make It A Party!

Most people in your church have their fair share of financial challenges. Any time they give to the vision and mission of your church, it’s a big step. You must celebrate that. You must thank them. It will help you be more humble, and it will encourage them to give again. 

Celebrate general givers publically and corporately. Thank individual donors privately (handwritten notes are best).

P.S. Did you know there’s finally a proven way to increase giving in your church? Rocket Donations is the first giving system that couples cutting edge software with world class coaching so that you can have more money flowing freely into your church. It’s a solution that will 10x your giving.