7 Reasons For Giving Talks: What To Think About When You Write Them

52 times a year, you have the opportunity to link your congregation to God’s heart for generosity and your church’s mission in the community. But effectively connecting the dots requires planning.

You must think about the offering time in advance. 


Too many churches tack this on with little consideration. The worship leader mumbles a few words after a song while ushers scramble to send buckets down the aisles. Or, the speaker transitions to a brief appeal after his sermon as deacons pass the plates.

Both of those scenarios are typical.

Both of those scenarios are bad.

Just like preachers should pray, read, and study. And just like musicians should rehearse. Someone needs to prep for the offering. As a pastor, you need to be all over this. You need to plan how you’re going to prime your congregation for generosity. You also need to think through what you want your audience to do.

We get it. It seems like we’re asking you to focus a lot of time and energy on a small, short piece of your worship service.



  1. They give you a chance to cast vision.

Giving talks provide an easy and simple opportunity for you to remind your congregation what your church is all about—why you do what you do.

  1. You can highlight different environments in your church.

When you connect giving to hands-on ministry, tithing increases. But it also makes people aware of various (and sometimes unknown) areas where your church is doing effective work.

  1. Some people won’t give unless you ask them.

Giving talks provide the space for you to literally invite people to get involved in the ministry of your church. Often we assume that church members know what we want them to do. Some of them, however, won’t move unless you specifically ask them to move.

  1. They give you a chance to educate.

If you ask the average church member, “What is the point of tithing?” you’ll probably get some random answers. The truth is, many people don’t know why it’s important. Giving talks provide an opportunity for you to illuminate and explain this often-mysterious aspect of your church service.

  1. Giving will increase.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Churches that effectively utilize giving talks see an increase in tithing, without exception.

  1. They attach meaning to a typically random part of your worship service.

In most services, “the offering” isn’t planned ahead of time. Giving talks can take that component from arbitrary and awkward to strategic and powerful.

  1. They give you a chance to thank your congregation.

When people in your church body make the choice to donate money, that’s a big deal. Giving talks give you a chance to publicly appreciate them for their generosity.

Bottom line: Giving Talks Are A Game Changer!

A Giving Talk is a short explanation of how the offering works plus a call to action. It’s a one to two-minute talk from a pastor, staff member, or volunteer. It’s an intentional, planned moment in your church service. It connects the dots for your congregation and gets them ready to give.

And no, it’s not pushy or used car salesman-ish.

You need a person to emphasize the offering each week. And you need a plan for what they’re going to say.

One of the greatest benefits of being a Rocket Donations Member is receiving a written, done-for-you Giving Talk each week. You can memorize it or simply pass it on to a staff member or volunteer. What you’ll discover is the huge difference it makes when you’re intentional with this crucial piece of your service.

And we connect it to recurring, online tithing. Every single time.

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