Rocket Donations: A Customer Review

This review of Rocket Donations, our new online tithing platform, comes directly from Keyla Wright, who’s on staff at InSoul Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Here she is with her team…

customerreveiwThis is her review of the product…

Here’s a little insight.  We have been with Rocket nearly 4 years or so. When we initially implemented digital giving we had no idea how it would be accepted. In less than 2 years after introducing it, nearly 40% of our giving happened digitally. The following year we noticed it had reached 50%, and now we are edging up to 60% of all donations are given digitally! 

Now, we must also admit that while our digital giving has increased, we have struggled in the area of donors committing to give “recurring.” That is not to say that people aren’t giving consistently, but it does reflect the desire of people wanting to maintain a sort of mental, emotional, and physical control of their giving.

Most recently, we have begun using your new giving platform called Rocket Donations. One of the things that attracted us to it is the simplicity! 3-4 clicks and you’re done. The reports are very easy to read and they show your progress. 

Furthermore, Rocket gives you so many tools to help create a “culture” of giving that it is close to impossible to fail. 

In the past six weeks of using Rocket Donation, we have increased the number of “recurring” donors by 10%. We are committed to reaching 100 families to set up recurring with a drive and determination unlike ever before! 

Rocket Donation has made digital giving non-intrusive and user friendly. If there were anything that we’d like to see changed about Rocket Donations, it would be for them to create an app!  

Any church would greatly benefit from implementing Rocket Donations. We’re trusting God to provide out of our need so that His will shall prevail! 

Online tithing is important. But recurring donations are vital and crucial!

  • Recover donations you are missing
  • Gain greater consistency across your donor base
  • Provide budget stability


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