Are You a Strategic Giver?

Many people like to think of giving as an act of spontaneous worship.  God speaks, we’re moved, and we drop something in the offering plate.  We see a need, our heart is tugged, and we offer to help.  That’s how it works for a lot of people.

And while it’s true that we need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and respond to needs as we’re led, there’s another side of the coin that’s equally important.

We need to be strategic givers.

Read Genesis 24 and you’ll find that Abraham planned ahead and sent gifts for Isaac’s future wife.

Read the Christmas story and you’ll find that that the Magi planned ahead and brought expensive gifts with incredible meaning for Jesus.

Isaiah 32:8 says generous people PLAN to do what is generous.

In other words, while we can respond to needs as they arrive, we should PLAN to give.

That’s why I love the phrase Automate the Important.  If generosity is important to you, why not set it up and make it automatic?  Why not do what the Bible teaches and plan ahead?