How to Make December the Biggest Giving Month of the Year

***NEW*** Video 5: Will The Year End Giving System Work in Any Church? (3 minutes)

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Hey Casey,

I just had to let you know that yesterday we did our year-end offering that we called our “Change the World” offering. We promoted the heck out of it following your plan for year-end giving. Each Sunday we talked about one of the three initiatives we were focusing on. I emailed and blogged between each week. We put together a couple of videos, and a special site and special giving option through our website.

We provided envelopes on Sunday, we incorporated the giving into our worship time/communion, and offered 3 ways to give (including a first run at an iPad giving station).

Our average giving over the past 3 months has been about $2,400 a week.

Yesterday we raised more than $15,000 for this specific giving initiative, and our regular giving skyrocketed too. Both offerings combined ended up with more than $28,000!!

Ridiculous. Amazing. Wow.

Jeremy Copeland, Story Church

Year End Giving Tweet


Thanks again for all your help & guidance with Thrive! We received our year-end offering yesterday and it was $25,500!!! Almost double what our year-end offering was last year! We also had our church commit to giving $90,000 over the next 12 months above our regular giving for our Thrive Initiative for a total of $115,500 to go towards our building expansion/renovation & church planting with more to be added to the amount in the next two weeks!!! God is so good!!!

Thanks again,
Loui Canchola, Cornerstone Church

Video 4: The Year End Giving Project Details (21 minutes)

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Video 3: Top Questions – Year End Giving (21 minutes)

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Video 2: Blueprint For Year End Giving (8 minutes)

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Video 1: How To Make December The Biggest Giving Month of the Year (20 minutes)

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