Build Anticipation for Easter Sunday

Easter is early again this year, and we’re excited about it! As we approach the day, we want to help you and your church community feel the anticipation to make this season extra meaningful. Here are five ways to building anticipation for this pivotal Sunday.

Set the Stage for Easter

Easter doesn’t have to be a one-Sunday-a-year topic. Speak about the significance and story of Easter before the day itself. Many of you may do this, but we encourage you to look at the tone of your sermons before Easter Are they full of the wonder and significance that this season brings?  Spark anticipation in your congregation from the pulpit, in the weeks leading up to Easter.  As you let your excitement for this celebratory day build, it will become the right kind of contagious.

Utilize Your Small Groups

You can feed the fire for Easter by incorporating anticipatory materials into your small groups this month. These groups are more intimate and tightly knit than Sunday morning gatherings and provide the opportunity for people to talk about Easter on a personal level.

Whether you find an Easter-based resource or create a sermon-based study guide of your own messages, your small groups are an ideal place to allow your members space to process the meaning of Easter and understand the impact it can have on their everyday lives.

Spread Anticipation on Social

As your small group leaders integrate Easter anticipation during the week, you (or your communications team) can echo the importance online too. Beyond posting sermon recordings or small group info, your social media channels can be used to share articles, podcasts, videos, verses, and images related to the importance of the season. These reminders can reach a wide audience and by varying what you post you can meet them in a way that connects on an individual level.

Consider posing questions about what Easter means to your members, and then respond so people know they are heard. Read your feeds to see who is talking about Easter and join their conversations. By being vocal about Easter and its promise in a positive and conversational way online, you can facilitate anticipation in your community.

Communicate With Your Key Leaders

Bring your leadership on board as you build anticipation. Work with them to get the word out. In your communication, outline your mission, the “why” behind it and finally, concrete actions they can take. It can be as simple as something like this:
“I really want our church to spread the word about our upcoming Easter service. I want people to boldly invite their friends. Because I believe this Easter service has the potential to change the future of some struggling families/marriages in our community. Will you please help me get the word out? Also, will you help me encourage people in our church to invite people to join us that day?”

Remember the Cross

Easter is a busy season for church pastors and staffs. And it’s easy to get caught up in the extra tasks that lay ahead of you in the coming weeks. As you plan and prepare, ask yourself about each to-do: Is this pointing to the cross? Will this amplify the message of the resurrection? While planning and strategy are good, the hope of Easter is greater. Allow that hope be your centerpiece and let the rest of the details fall into place.

Ask yourself as you plan and prepare: Is this pointing to the cross?