Does Your Church Need to Be More Organized?

Sometimes, the reason a church fails to grow is not a spiritual issue, it’s a structural issue. I have worked with a ton of churches and most church leaders tell me, “We need to be more organized.”

I’ve never seen a church grow beyond growth barriers and sustain the growth without becoming more organized. The key question I get asked about organizing a church financially or for growth is, “Where do I start?” I tell church leaders there are three things they need to do to get organized.

Three Important Steps to Organizing Your Church

  1. Write everything down.
  2. Write everything & I mean everything down.
  3. Write everything & I mean everything & I really mean EVERYTHING down.

Eight Key Areas of Church That MUST Be Organized

  1. Connections
  2. Creative Arts
  3. Facilities
  4. Family Ministry
  5. Finances
  6. Staff
  7. Volunteers
  8. Structure

My friend Michael has created a resource that includes over 60 Documents & Forms in these 8 key Areas. It’s hands down the most practical, useful and usable resource I’ve seen. I’m not trying to hype you – I just know it will save you time and help your church. For $99, it’s a super deal.

Here’s the link to get them.

When you get your church more organized, funny things start happening. You’ll have less stress. Things work smoother and better. And you’re able to see more life-change happen.