What Does a Financially Healthy Church Look Like?

trc-financially health churchWhen you think about a financially healthy church, what comes to mind?

Is it the church with a large budget? Is it the church that can put on a full production each week for worship services? Or maybe you think about the church that just reached their goal for a large building campaign?

Regardless of what you see from these churches on the outside, all financially churches have two things in common…

1.Financially healthy churches create a financial strategy by design, not default. The financially healthy church designs a strategy based on not only what has happened in the past, but also what is projected for the future. This is a financial strategy by design.

This church takes an active role in stewarding the resources God has given them to build His Kingdom, not their own kingdom.

It’s easy to look back at your church’s financial history and see what has taken place over the years. It takes a bit more work though to take the extra step of learning from that history. But as you know, if you don’t learn from your mistakes, then you’re doomed to repeat them. So a financially healthy church studies their history, and learns from their mistakes.

2.Financially healthy churches clarify their vision. The vision of your church drives everything else your church does–everything from the sermons taught, to the money spent on bulletins, to the missionaries supported. Everything should be driven from your vision, including your church’s budget.

So if the vision isn’t clarified, every other financial decision will be made without the full picture of how God is calling your church to steward its resources.

You must ask yourself, why am I here? Why do we exist as a church? If you can’t quickly answer that question, then I would recommend spending some clarifying your vision. If you don’t know what direction your church is going in, then how do you expect to spend your money wisely?

If your church can identify with one or both of these concepts, then you may fit the mold of a financially healthy church. If you’re unable to answer one or more of these questions, then it may be time for you to get some financial exercise. Just as your physical health requires work, so does your church’s financial health as well. But it’s worth it to be able to grow your resources to build God’s Kingdom. It’s worth it to see more people meet Jesus as a result of the financial healthy of your church.

So how do you start?

Do a financial audit with your leadership team. But before diving into spreadsheets and numbers, your discussion should actually start with number two on our list: your vision and mission. Take some time to revisit this vital foundation. It will give clarity and direction as you visit the numbers and the actual budgets and enable you to draft an action plan that is driven by your vision.

Get some coaching. This is one of the reasons why Rocket Company exists: to provide the tools churches need to be in the best financial shape that they can be. We call it Giving Rocket. Ready to dive in? Let’s get healthy today.