Four Things Pastors Should Not Delegate

Aside from unique campus pastor or teaching pastor situations, there are several things the senior pastor should not delegate.

  1. Vision stewardship.   I think the senior pastor is the primary champion of the specific vision. Like an army general, he must rally the troops to accomplish the specific vision and keep the leaders focused on the task at hand.
  2. Communicating the Gospel.  In most cases, the senior pastor is the primary Bible teacher.  This is an incredible responsibility that should not be taken lightly.  It means careful attention and time must be given to this task.
  3. Building and leading the staff team.  This is another thing that can’t be delegated, even if there are others highly involved in the process.  A church staff that isn’t unified isn’t going to lead a healthy organization.
  4. Fundraising. Too many pastors try to delegate this responsibility to an executive pastor or finance team, but it rarely works.  The pastor is the CFO:  Chief Fundraising Officer.

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