How The Ridge Church Increased Digital Giving from 15% to 60%

It’s story month. During the month of July we will be sharing your stories on the blog. Check out this story from Bobby Williams.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 7.18.41 AMIn 2010, with less than 15 people, Bobby Williams, launched the Ridge Church in a small, Oak Ridge, TN living room. They had a desire to see the people of their region awakened to life in Christ. Now running several hundred with two weekend services, this church is helping transform a community. Bobby joined The Rocket Company community 18 months ago as a Giving Rocket customer and is now a part of all three coaching programs. Bobby shared with us how being apart of The Rocket Company coaching programs has helped their church.

How has being a part of The Rocket Company coaching programs helped you and your church?

“Through all their coaching products, Giving Rocket and Preaching Rocket has been a personal help to me, and a help to the church.  We’ve seen an increase in our giving and my preaching has improved. The Rocket Company has been invaluable to the church.  The personal touch, the length and level of detail in making sure we get the most out of the product are unmatched.”

 How has the financial culture changed at The Ridge Church?

“Digital giving was a major focus.  It accounts for 60-65% of our total giving.  This is up from the original number of 15-20%.  We attribute it to Automate The Important. The giving talks have been great and even taught us how to do some ourselves. We do it all.  When an email comes out from Michael or Casey, whatever they say we just do it.”

What is one key learning about preaching you have learned from Preaching Rocket?

“The first five minutes. The opening five minutes take a lot of time for me to craft.  Because of the coaching I do one point and one point only.  I ask, ‘What do they need to know and what do they need to do?’  Preaching Rocket has helped me cut out the fat and get to the meat.”

What God is doing at Ridge Church can also happen at your church.  Click here to download a FREE report on the Five Financial Systems every church should have.