How to Communicate with Business Leaders in Your Church

Business leaders are often the most ignored community in the church. Yet, they are connected to the unchurched in your community and can be your greatest tool in reaching the unchurched.
Casey sat down with Carey Nieuwhof and talked about why church leaders need business leaders. Carey is the leading and founding pastor of Connexus Community Church in Barrie, Ontario. He speaks to church leaders about change, leadership, and parenting.  Carey featured the interview here on his blog Friday.
In this interview, you’ll hear some great thoughts from Casey, including: 
1. The most successful churches are the ones that connect with business leaders.
2. Business leaders are often lonely because they are so busy running their business.
3. How business and marketplace leaders can become some of your best inviters of unchurched people in your community.
Click here to watch the interview with Casey and Carey.
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