How to Gain, Train and Retain Volunteers

Listen to these words from Wayne Corderio, Pastor of New Hope Church and author of Doing Church as a Team.

I’m convinced that the influence of a church has on its community will be determined in large part not by the personality of the pastor, the size of its building or how long the ministry has worked in the community.  It will be determined instead by the percentage of involvement in the ministry of each member.  This marks the transition from attendance to ownership, from being consumers to contributors.” – Wayne Corderio, Doing Church as a Team

That’s why we wanted to create a system any church could use to create a healthy volunteer ministry.  The step-by-step system is built with these principles in mind.

  1. Volunteers in the church should be inspired and excited about what they do. But the #1 question we got from people was on preventing burnout.  Serving should be rewarding, not make you want to quit.
  2.  System problems are sometimes disguised as people problems. That’s why Volunteer Rocket is being built on a simple system any church can implement. We want you to set it up right.
  3.  Church leaders should give away leadership and responsibility. The church doesn’t need superhero leaders. She needs regular people who understand the priesthood of the believer.

The system we’re creating in volunteer rocket is about as simple to understand as the alphabet.

A – Attract. We want to show you how to effectively attract volunteers.  We studied different churches and learned five effective strategies.

B – Build. Once they’ve signed up, you’ve got to train them effectively.  But most training meetings are a waste of time.  We found a better way.

C – Connect. Who you know is how you grow, so we’re going to help you connect people the right way.  This is the secret sauce of getting people to stick.

D – Develop. You’ve got to appreciate and inspire people. In short, you need to pastor them.  We will show you how.

E – Evaluate. Let’s run this off facts not feelings. We’ll give you tools to measure and tweak the system.

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