How to Talk about Money without Talking about Money

First, I think it is vitally important for you to know that I think it is okay to talk about money.

In fact, I think you should talk about money frequently, strategically, and theologically.  However, sometimes you can talk about money without talking about money.  Here are some examples:

  • Substitute “finances” for “money.”  It sounds better when you say, “Your faith and your finances are linked.”
  • Pastors and people are most uncomfortable when there is a request for money.  So, for every request you make for money, preach twice as much about how people should handle their money.  For example, before you preach on the tithe, preach on getting out of debt, saving money, or budgeting.  It is all in the Bible, and people need to handle 100% of their money well, not just 10%.
  • Talk about the characteristic of generosity for Christ-followers.  A person’s willingness to give monetarily ultimately reflects where they are spiritually.  Generosity is a spiritual trait not something a person puts in the plate!
  • Teach about money in other environments besides Sunday morning services.  Implement a financial class.  You will be able to offer this to people, and every time you do, it will build credibility and trust.