How to teach low-income attenders to be high impact givers

It would be nice if one person could write a big check and wipe the worry away from the church finances. But the average person in your church is barely getting by when it comes to their personal finances.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that 86% of churches are either broke or at breakeven financially.  Get the full study HERE on that stat. 

I recently interviewed Pastor Vanable Moody on this very topic.  Pastor Van has seen the church he pastors grow from a few to over 7,000 people each week.

 2 Tips To Help Low Income Attenders Be High Impact Givers

1.    Don’t Make the Amount the Issue…focus on personal responsibility.

Pastor Van referenced the parable of the talents, pointing out that while each person had a different amount, they all had the same responsibility.  He doesn’t think church leaders should give people an “out” just because they don’t make a lot of money.  It’s not always the dollar amount…it’s the responsibility.

2.    Help people develop a generosity mindset.

Pastor Van did a class for his church attenders that helped them think differently financially.  This holistic class really helped people develop a right mindset with money.  Teaching on giving is great, but it’s good to teach the big picture too.

How are you helping low income attenders? What do you think about these two tips?