How To Wake Up DEAD Donors

Did you know that the largest group of donors in your church aren’t really donors at all…they are non-givers – people who may care about you and your church, but they don’t participate in the offering at all.

Engaging this large group of people can be tough, but if you do it, it will unlock the opportunity to do a ton of ministry. Here’s four things you can do to wake up dead donors.

Step 1: Realize that you have dead donors.

A dead donor is someone who claims the name of Jesus but doesn’t give. They are in your church. Identify them.

Step 2: Pray for your dead donors.

Pray that God would do a work in their life so great in the area of money that only He can be credited. Giving isn’t a financial issue – it’s a spiritual one. Start praying that God would speak to them.

Step 3: Do a big offering and give the money away.

If you would do a special offering and give the money away, it usually wakes up a bunch of dead donors. Special projects and offerings are GREAT ways to engage brand new donors.

Step 4: Follow up personally.

Send them something like this to thank them. It really does make a difference.

Waking up dead donors must happen. Start identifying the dead donors in your church today.