Keeping Tithes and Offerings Consistent Throughout the Summer

As the summer approaches, I wanted to share with you a few practical ideas for how you can work on giving.
  1. Summer is a stressful time for a lot of churches, because when people go on vacation, their giving often does the same thing.   That’s why spending three weeks (May is the PERFECT time) talking about automated, recurring giving can really help.  Increasing online giving is a key to increasing regular giving, because if people give their tithe online, they can do it when they are out of town.  We’ve got graphics, letters, special giving talks, and all the coaching you need to do this in a resource called Automate the Important.
  2. Summer is a great time to hang out and do life with people.  Consider inviting some people over to your home.  Grab a cup of coffee with a donor.  You don’t have to slide a brochure or a set of envelopes across the table or ask them to increase the amount of money they are giving to your capital campaign.  Just thank them for their generosity and let them know some of your plans for the fall.  Remember, high impact donors need you to PASTOR them.  Who are you going to pastor this summer?
  3. Tell stories of life change.  If you’ve got summer camps, vacation Bible school, summer groups or other special things happening in the summer, remember to update the church AFTER these events.  We spend a lot of time announcing, but don’t forget to celebrate.  Summer events give you a great platform to connect people’s giving to the vision of the church. Your volunteers and your donors need to hear success stories.

Do you have anything special planned for the summer?  Are you doing something intentional to keep giving going?  Leave a comment.