Lost People Will Give to an Easter Offering

There are many ways to gain first time givers, but one of the best ways is to do a special offering (like an Easter Offering).  Also, the Easter Offering is one of the quickest ways to build financial breathing room in your church!

Sometimes pastors freak out when we talk about doing a special offering on Easter.  Pastors have an unfounded fear that every lost or unchurched person will leave their church and never come back.

We tested the special Easter Offering idea in many churches for the last 3 years and found that it was one of the best ways to actually reach new givers.  Further, we found that the pastors who had the fear of not doing an Easter Offering TOTALLY changed their tune after seeing how effective it can be to move the church finances forward and reach new givers.

Contrary to popular belief, the lost & unchurched didn’t run away and never come back.

The key is to do the Easter Offering right & change the way the unchurched think about how the church talks about money.

Here are 3 tips many of our member churches have used to help find success: 

1. Tie the Easter Offering to Community Service Project Funding

The lost & unchurched LOVE to chip in for something that will make a difference in the community.  We also have seen that tangible needs motivate non-givers & non-church attenders to start giving.

2. Speak to the Non-Giver Directly 

In fact, you might say something like, “If you don’t give regularly at this church, then you can still get involved with the Easter offering and help make a difference in our community.”

3. Follow Up Quickly

You have the BEST chance to change the way people think about church in how you handle money.  Follow up quickly & make it personal!

Think about this: Most churches on Easter are trying to get people to make a spiritual decision.  I believe that when people GIVE, it IS a spiritual decision, not a financial one.  Follow up accordingly.