Make Your Follow Up Personal

This month, we’re talking about following up with donors. We’ve provided a TON of coaching and documents for our members. But we’re also unpacking a few things here on the blog. Today, Michael Robison, the Founding Pastor of Uncommon Church in Austin, Texas, shares some thoughts about making follow up personal.

Personal Follow Up Is Better

The world is becoming less and less personal. With mass email, Facebook, twitter and more, there is less personal connection than ever. But, the reality is that people crave personal attention and connection.

So, the more personal, meaningful and memorable you make your follow up process, the better response you will get.

I come from a background in high-end retail sales. In that market, people are overwhelmed with mass mailing, television advertising, sales gimmicks and radio. They become numb to the efforts to get their attention and create a response. In fact, I would say that the less personal your contact is, the more likely you are to lose a person. One of the greatest ways that we increased sales was to personally give time, attention and invitation to people. Let them know you care about them more than you care about the sale, but be genuine! People can smell a fake for miles!

The same applies to follow up with givers in your church. The more personal you make the follow up, the better your return. The key is your intention and heart. People need to know that your follow up is motivated in helping them reach their potential as a follower of Jesus. That is meaningful to a person. What makes it memorable is the manner in which you approach it all.