Members Get This In 2012

A lot of churches we work with have an annual theme.  Some use a phrase like “Thrive”, others have statements like “Do It For Them”.  There is a lot of power in an annual battle cry.  Do you have a theme? If not, why not?

Here is our annual theme this year: Year Of The Member

Everything & I mean EVERYTHING will be about members this year.

I want you to know about a few of the things that we’re going to deliver to our member churches in 2012.  Warning!!! This list is amazing, and only our members are going to get all this stuff.

  • We are working on a simple mobile giving and iPad kiosk giving solution…we are going to release something that will make it SUPER EASY to have a mobile giving site and receive kiosk donations with an iPad.  This will be 100% FREE for our members.
  • A booklet you can send every giver in your church.  It will be the size of a CD jewel case booklet, and will be perfect to send first time givers or regular givers to say thanks.  It will cost $2-$3 and will be available by the case.  Members will be able to get these at a members only price.
  • Complete solutions (video, graphics, communication) for special offerings like Easter and Christmas.  We’re not just going to show members what to do…we’re going to GIVE them all of the stuff.
  • We’re adding a ton of video to our line up.  Each month, members get written, audio and video coaching for them and their team.  We’ve contracted with a professional videographer to produce high quality videos.   We’re making video giving talks and video coaching that can be shown to finance teams.

In addition to those things, here’s what members get EACH MONTH as a part of their Giving Rocket core membership.  Everything on this list is included in membership…no additional purchases are required.

JANUARY:  Creating an Annual Financial Plan

  • Audio, Video and Written coaching on how to create an annual financial plan
  • Done-for-you worksheets and templates to help create and communicate an annual financial plan.
  • Members-only interactive coaching call to answer member’s questions about creating a funding plan
  • Done-For-You Annual Contribution Statement that’s ready to customize and send to their 2011 donors
  • Five Giving Talk Scripts


  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to follow up with four types of givers
  • Video coaching from Bob Franquiz about following up with givers at Calvary Chapel
  • Four brand new done-for-you follow up letters (first time giver, digital giver, consistent giver, high capacity giver)
  • Four giving talk scripts, plus a professionally produced video giving talk that can be used anytime.

MARCH: Special Offerings

  • A FREE members only, in-person workshop in Atlanta where they will create a Digital Giving initiative for their church.
  • A complete Easter Offering Package (graphics, video, and envelopes, plus all the coaching and strategy).
  • A brand new quarterly contribution statement
  • Four Giving Talk scripts plus one video giving talk that can be used anytime.

APRIL:  Digital Giving

  • Audio, video and written coaching on making digital giving the default method for giving in their church.
  • A full-blown revised and expanded campaign called “Automate the Important” that they can use to intentionally move people to digital giving.  They’ll get brand new graphics, logos, videos, handouts, and sign up cards.
  • Four Giving Talk scripts

MAY:  Digital Giving (Part 2)

  • Audio, video and written coaching on creating a digital giving culture.
  • Four Giving Talk scripts, plus a brand new video giving talk that they can use anytime.
  • Sign up for our members only cruise will begin in May…it’s a can’t miss event.
  • May is our target date to roll out a mobile and kiosk giving solution.  Members will be able to connect with this at NO CHARGE.

JUNE:  Financial Initiatives

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to do an annual funding initiative
  • They’ll get a redesigned version of THRIVE – our complete system for raising money for anything.  All new graphics, messages, and videos they can use to teach their people to THRIVE and set up their church for financial success
  • A brand new quarterly contribution statement they can send to consistent givers
  • Four giving talk scripts

JULY:  Developing High Capacity Donors

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to disciple high capacity givers
  • A Generosity Retreat in a box.  They’ll get all kinds of templates, samples, graphics and videos so they can put on a generosity retreat with key leaders and givers
  • Four giving talk scripts

AUGUST:  Talking About Money

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to talk about money in church.
  • A carefully researched list of 100 amazing quotes and verses about money.  These statements can pepper all communication about money.
  • Five giving talks scripts, plus a professionally produced video giving talk they can use anytime

SEPTEMBER:  The Giving Talk

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to do a giving talk in any style of church
  • All new video samples of giving talks that have been used all across the country.  We will show members how to do giving talks in modern AND traditional churches.
  • Four Giving Talk scripts
  • A quarterly contribution statement that’s ready to be sent to consistent givers

OCTOBER:  Know the Numbers

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to create a spending plan
  • Video coaching for finance teams – simply show this video to them and inspire them to create dollars, not just critique them
  • A brand new and completely revised budgeting resource.
  • Samples, templates and documents that members and their teams can use to create a budget that makes sense.

NOVEMBER:  Christmas Giving

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to do a Christmas offering and inspire people to give at the end of the year.
  • All new graphics, templates and video for “The Gift Offering”.  Members won’t have to create graphics…we’ll give them the total package.
  • Four Giving talk scripts.

DECEMBER:  Personal Finances

  • Audio, video and written coaching on how to help people with their personal finances.
  • A brand new personal financial curriculum called “ReThink Money”.  Members will get videos, handouts, graphics and everything they need to run a six-week personal financial class in their church.
  • Four giving talk scripts, plus a Christmas-themed, professional filmed video Giving Talk they can use during the Christmas season.

You can get all of this as a member.  And you can save 25% off the membership today if you join HERE and invest in the annual membership plan.