My First Kiss

My first kiss was awful. Was yours? 🙂

When I think about the first day of the year it makes me think of firsts.  Think about the importance of firsts…

  • First birthday
  • First anniversary
  • First kiss
  • First house
  • First fruits giving

Do you realize that the FIRST month out of the year is when a lot of people will give to your church the FIRST time?

Here are two ways you can respond:

  • Write a handwritten note to each one of them.
  • Keep a report that shows how many first time givers you have each month.

When you do these, you will honor the spiritual decision they have made & they will be WAY more likely to give again.

We have an entire first time giver follow up process available for members.  It’s part of our membership program.

And speaking of firsts…

The FIRST thing you should do this year to avoid having the same year financially you had last year is join the Giving Rocket Core Membership.

Why? Well, lets put it this way… Over 500 churches wouldn’t be doing this monthly if it didn’t work.  You start with a $1 trial, and then it’s $99 a month after that.  Or you can save 50% if you get a year in advance.

Spend the FIRST dollar this year out of your church budget on something that will actually help you reach & exceed your budget monthly!  Check it out & get started here.