Straight Talk: Why Online Tithing & Giving Is Such A Big Deal

Digital is the preferred method for people in today’s society. Almost no one will dispute that.

But yet, so often a church’s digital giving strategy doesn’t reflect it.

The net result for churches is they end up missing out on donations they need!

Digital Giving is about maximizing donations so you can maximize ministry.

That, quite simply, is why we created Rocket Donations.


But what exactly does it do for you? What’s the purpose of online tithing?


?70+% of all transactions in the United States are done on a debit or credit card.

?Checks and cash are in severe decline

?The average church should have 35-50% of their donations digitally to be in step with the donors’ financial transaction patterns

?If you don’t have an effective digital strategy, you are MISSING donations

?Recent Church Study: 1,200 person church with outdated digital giving platform and no strategy. 40% gave zero dollars in 2015. Tracked through F-1 Management Tool.



? The average donor misses at least one tithe per year, but most churches agree it is more like 2-3 tithes per year.

? People go on vacation, are sick or simply forget their check book. Usually, churches do not recover those forgotten or missed tithes.

? If those donors schedule a recurring donation for the same time each month, then you won’t miss the tithe.

? Recent Church Study: 2,100 person church with up to date digital giving software, but no communication strategy. 73% of the donor base could not sustain back-to-back-to-back months of giving (90 days / 3 month blocks). Meaning, only 27% of their congregation gave in 3 consecutive months.



?If you get digital participation, you will often see a total increase in annual giving (from people who were previously giving little to none or inconsistent due to checks and cash. More total dollars come in!).

?But, if you can convert a portion of that participation to recurring donations, it will truly impact the operating budget.

When it comes to digital giving in your church, don’t just look for a software that provides digital giving. Look for a software that emphasizes recurring donations. It should be clear. It should be present. It should be the default.


?For example: if you get $300K in digital donations each year but NONE are recurring…then you can’t “plan” on those donations, you have to keep asking, asking, asking. If a third were on recurring schedules, it would be $100K per year or $8,333 in monthly predictable donations.


Don’t miss out on more money for ministry is 2016!

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