Preparing For the Fall (Part 1 of 4)

Proverbs 6:6 says, “consider the ways of the ant and be wise.”  The ant is wise because the ant prepares. Our next four posts will share four important things you can do to prepare for the fall.  After each post, we’d like for you to do some homework.  Complete each task, and let us know about it when you do.

Fall is a great time to connect with your leaders. Host a “Leadership Appreciation Event,” to celebrate, encourage, inform and disciple your leaders. The event can be exclusively for your generosity leaders or it could include your ministry area leaders.  Determine who to include based on the culture you serve.  Today we will share how you can plan for this event. Giving Rocket members received a complete ebook about hosting such an event.

First, select a date. 

You should probably wait until summer ends, but before too many school activities begin.  A Friday evening in early fall is a great time, people are more relaxed and less distracted.

Second, select your leaders.

Because this event will include your generosity leaders, you need to carefully determine who these leaders are and the standard you will use for making this determination.  One very specific way is to access your community’s demographic information and discover the average household income for your area.  There’s a great, free report you can obtain at that will provide this information.  When you have that number, just multiple it by 10%, and you’ll have a baseline for determining those who lead your congregation in giving.  This list will still be subjective and limited, but it will give you a great head start.  You can add to the list people who you know are giving in obedience to the tithe or sacrificially more than the tithe, but don’t appear on the list.

Your homework today is to select a date and select your leaders.  Post a comment so we can be praying for your event.