Preparing for the Fall (Part 2 of 4)

 The late, great coach, John Wooden, said to do two things:  “Be prepared and be honest.”

Knowing the numbers helps you prepare to finish the year strong.

Here are a few of the numbers that you need to know:

  1. Overall Giving

This number helps you track where you are compared to last year. It will also give you a projection for where you will be as you approach budget time.  Lastly, you can gauge your actual cash standing.

  1. Overall Giving vs. Overall Spending

Do you know where your church’s finances stand right now?  This is something that you should evaluate each month.  It is also something that you should share with your staff each month.  That way, they will not be caught off-guard if you need to adjust the budget.

  1. Digital Giving

The higher the percentage of digital givers, the healthier the finances.  Knowing this number helps you plan initiatives, like “Automate the Important,” to increase digital giving.

  1. Non-givers and First-time Givers

This number will give you the ability to see how effective your overall financial system is.  You can plan a Tithe Challenge for the fall to help move givers forward in their generosity.

 While there are more numbers you need to know, this will definitely give you enough to think about as you prepare for the fall!