Preparing For the Fall (Part 3 of 4)

 The Boy Scouts have a very easy motto: “Be Prepared.”  While it’s easy to repeat, it’s more difficult to actually do.

That’s why we’ve spent the last two blog posts helping you prepare for the fall.  It’s not too late to make sure that your fall finances are in great shape.  Today, we will help you get your fall financial course ready.

Offering talks, special offerings, and quarterly giving statements help remind people to give and help the church’s bottom line.  Offering your church a finance class, will help their bottom line.  Eventually, it will produce more generous people.  The number one reason why people don’t give obediently to the tithe is not because they want to hold onto the 10% that belongs to God.  It is because they don’t know how to manage the other 90%.  A finance course will help people learn how to plan their spending, get out of debt, save, and give generously.

There are a number of excellent programs to chose from. Your denomination may even offer one. We recommend Joe Sangl’s “Financial Learning Experience” and Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University”. If you could choose anyone in your church to lead this course, who would be?  Once you have that name, ask them to lead!  Pick a date you will begin the course.  We suggest you work with the same schedule as your church’s other small groups.  That way, you can capitalize on the already-existing registration process for small groups. You’ll want to advertise this course 6-weeks prior to the start date.

When you select your class, let us know which one you chose and why!